New Concepts – Developing the menu is one of the most important factors for the early success of a new business.  It is imperative to entice guests by presenting a unique and exciting menu that stands out.  We can help our clients achieve these goals by combining the latest food trends with established favorites that are custom tailored to the concept and clientele. Workflow, speed of delivery to the guest, and cost effectiveness for the operator, are all areas we address.


Existing Concepts – Growth in the food service business is all about keeping current guests excited and bringing new guests through the door.  Often the best way to achieve this is to revamp a current menu with new and exciting dishes.  We can help to identify the current drivers on menus and build new avenues to keep people talking.


Start to Finish Development – Hot new ideas are great, but execution is the key.  We provide menu development that addresses every step of the process:  current menu evaluation, menu layout and formatting, recipe development, product procurement, cost analysis and staff training.


Experience Counts –
We have been involved in menu development for stand-alone restaurants, large restaurant groups, quick serve and fast-casual concepts, hotels, markets, grocery stores, and catering companies.  Whether an upscale concept or fast casual, we can help drive culinary success.