Restaurant Conception

Having opened numerous restaurants of various types, we provide all the pieces to a new concept: development of full-service and upscale restaurants, fast casual and casual concepts, bars, lounges, food service in night clubs, hotels, airports, markets, and retail establishments looking to add a food concept.

Front and Back of the House – A successful concept is based around the dynamic relationship between front and back of the house operations. We work with architects and designers to help ensure optimal flow is achieved.

OITF Food 1Design & Layout – We work within a budget for purchasing all front and the back of the house equipment and smallwares.

Staff Training – Getting off to a good start begins with a well trained staff.  We advise on the hiring of key personnel and develop the training materials for all positions.

Construction Timelines and Guidelines – From breaking new ground to remodeling, we coordinate an intricate pre-opening schedule.

Food and Beverage Procurement – We identify vendors, sources and farms, and put comprehensive purchasing and inventory systems in place.