Starting from Scratch – There is a difference between serving wine and having a wine program.  Guest are increasingly more educated, and are seeking out establishments that have a thoughtful wine list.  We can create wine programs that fit a variety of concept and garners a reputation with grape loving guests.


Building Up The List – Too often wine lists fail to realize their potential.  Establishments stuck serving the same wines vintage after vintage, or only offer their guests the glass or bottle options.  We encourage new ideas such as tap wines, multiple portion formats, unique varietals and regions, and building an overall cost effective and creative list.


Putting Distributors to Work – Distributors offer an array of incentives, training programs and direct marketing.  We help get the most out of purveyors.


The More you Know – What is the difference between selling a $50 bottle of wine and a $75 bottle?  How knowledgeable the staff is about a wine list and the confidence with which they are able to talk about it.  We provide training techniques and materials to give service teams the tools they need to be effective.


Wine Pairings & Wine Service – Whether fine dining or casual, there is a level of elegance and sophistication that goes hand in hand with wine service.  We teach teams the proper steps of wine service, and get them involved in the process of creating a better dining experience through proper food and wine pairing.